An Insiders guide to using the Nintex® Workflow Platform.

Regardless of whether you have just downloaded Nintex, installed a trial version, or have had it deployed for a long time, I hope this book gives you deeper insight into how to get from Zero to 60 with the platform.

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What You'll Find

An Easy Guide
An easy read that is a collection of thoughts, examples and instructions by someone who has walked in your shoes before and over time has mastered the Nintex Workflow Platform.
Quick References
Quickly reference a sets of links, examples, and samples from the community, partners and others just like you.
Get up to speed fast!
Start designing forms, workflows and mobile solutions with Nintex that perform well and automate processes.
Learn some Best Practices
Understand the best practices when using the Nintex® Workflow Platform, how to troubleshoot workflows and automate process easily.

Overview of Zero to 60

As the title hints to, this book was written as a informational guide to help you get started with the Nintex® Workflow Platform and go from "Zero to 60".  This book is not for people still trying to decide if Nintex is right for them or looking for a deeper dive into workflow and forms.  

Chapter One

Start Your Engines

Before we kick things into high gear, I thought it wise to walk you through the main platform products and give you step-by-step guidance on how to use them.

Chapter Two

Full Throttle

My aim in this chapter is to help you add usefulness, efficiency, and enhanced productivity through the use of the Nintex Workflow Platform.

Chapter Three


Have you done everything you can to ensure that your organization, your resources, your people and business process is running at the peak of its capabilities?

Chapter Four

Peak Performance

A collection of links, resources and information to help you understand why its the community that makes Nintex just that much better.

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Contact Me

Give me a shout on here, or twitter @eharris04 and Nintex Connect. I’m super passionate about helping you and want this book to be part of you using Nintex successfully. Please allow me at least 3 days to respond :-). 

The Testimonials

Many people have used the techniques used in this eBook to improve their workflows and processes.

Amanda Oldring

Eric takes client support to the next level, and has the product knowledge and consumer insight to deliver. I was pleased to work with him, would do so again, and took a great deal of value from our exchange.

Sabrina Ervin

Eric is incredibly responsive and is skilled at working with a customer to derive the “big picture”. At the end of each conversation, I felt as if he had a complete understanding of whatever issues I had or the assistance I needed. I also walk away feeling as if I have learned something valuable that I can utilize repeatedly in my Nintex work.

Youtube Follower

Some of those tips are really helpful for me! And you explain swiftly and understandably... nice work!

About the Author

Eric was a 2014/2015 Nintex Connect Champion, Nintex vTE and now Technology Partner Evangelist with Nintex.

Eric Harris

I’m a technology enthusiast by heart and love solving problems.  I’m also an entrepreneur, digital media designer, Nintex techie, author, photographer, mentor, and more, and I love to know what you think about this book.

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